I have a question….

What do you believe it will take to reach North Carolina with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

I would like to hear your individual thoughts pertaining to such an important question. Please respond by clicking on the leave a comment link below and leave your thoughts!

In Christ,

Rev. M. Wayne Sullivan


About Pastor Wayne

I am a Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary graduate who is glad to know that we can have hope in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ because His mercies are new every morning (Lam. 3:22-23). I am a conservative, Bible believing Christian Pastor. I am married to a very godly young woman who has blessed me with a precious daughter. I hope this blog will be thought provoking and encouraging to all of you! God Bless!
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4 Responses to I have a question….

  1. Oscar Mise says:

    If people would just open their hearts completely with Christ and let Him speak quitely with them , they then would hear the cry of the people . they need to hear Christ first and then they would see the need to go. People are far to busy to take time to offer Christ time to speak much less slow down enough to do the work.They tink to much of number one. Humble ourselves and hear from God. then GO!

  2. Pastor Wayne says:


    You are absolutely right that people need to be open to the leadership of the Spirit of Christ in their lives. Especially as Americans, we are far to busy to take time to think about our own spirituality, let alone that of billions of lost people. We must humble ourselves and hear from God and then Go! My question to you and to all the other 18 viewers of this blog post is this,

    How can we put ourselves to work? After our hearts are right with God and we sense the need to share Christ, how then shall we live in a way that we can make evangelism and discipleship a regular discipline in our lives? What practical ways or methods can be used to effectively share the gospel in a manner that doesn’t appear ingenuous and pre-packaged?

  3. Randy Carswell says:

    You have to be able to get on very personal level with an individual who has witnessed the saviors evident impact on your life. There is the need that you exhibit the love affair between you and Christ. This example will have to be one that clearly shows the true meaning of grace (his death for our sins) while the persons can see your love for our Lord reveals our willingness to make him Lord and Master; our obedience being the best example that brings evidence of wholesome more abundant life. It all must speaker “I Love You Jesus”. They must see he Lives!!

  4. Cynthia Lovelace says:

    I firmly believe that we need to teach the true gospel of Jesus Christ. In today’s younger generations, they have a distorted view of the truth of Jesus Christ, Christianity, Redemption, and even salvation. They think of scripture as a go to self help manual to get them by rather than a life changing, life altering work of God. As Christians we need to help them see the real truth. We fail to teach from generation to generation the fear of God is a redemptive reverent way. We need to teach them that God wants and desires a personal, intimate relationship with us. It is a sad fact that almost 70% or the younger generations have no idea what a personal relationship with Christ is truthfully all about. How do we reach them by example. Changing the way in which we reach out, showing them that we care and this is why we care. Actions do really speak louder than words and one simple act of faith can open mountains of doors. Showing them the true joy and peace that a relationship with Christ can bring. I am not saying an inactive role in missions but sometime change is needed to have missions that are inviting even if it seem more contemporary than we are used to. In 51 countries it is illegal to be a Christian and people flocks sometimes by the thousands searching Christ and in this country its free and no one want Him. I must admit that I guilt of many of these things, I have lived up to my end of the great commission but working hard to change that. We all need to do our part no matter how small or insignificant we think it is. Each one has a part in building of God’s family. Miss you guys lots… hope to see you all again soon.

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